Gourmet Burgers

Proper Handmade Gourmet Burgers
Our burgers are handmade with prime Cumbrian beef or chicken and are served with
lettus and tomato in a bun, with a bucket of double cooked chips, coleslaw, dill pickle and
tomato relish

1. Classic Burger

6oz beef burger


2. Cheese and Bacon Burger

Classic with melted Monterey Jack cheese and dry cure bacon


3. Skinny Burger

Bun free classic served with a dressed mixed leaf salad


4. Bitter End Burger

Double beef burger with Monterey Jack cheese and smoked bacon


5. Cajun Chicken Burger

Cajun spiced grilled chicken breast topped with bacon and Monterey Jack cheese


6. Chili Burger

Fresh chili spiced beef with a tomato salsa dip



6oz beef and chorizo burger with a roasted chilli mayonnaise.